Friday, May 11, 2012

I Don't Like Love - Kim Junsu

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Kim Junsu..Xiah Junsu..Xia Junsu or wateverrr...
the best singer for me...

I don't Like Love by Kim Junsu~!!!!

Lyric Translate:

Like my tangled up hair, the inside of my heart is becoming a mess
These days, living doesn't really seem like living
I just miss you

I don't know what was so great or hard about love and a girl like you
What to do with these sad memories that I keep thinking of or this sleepless night?

The one and only love that I want
And the love that I want to throw away
I don't like this love that I can't have but I can't throw away

My mouth, my two eyes and my face expression from
The laughter that came out whenever I saw you - I don't remember
The stranger's face in the mirror is me

We shouldn't have known each other
We didn't know that this is pain back then
What to do with my long day filled with your voice in my ears?

* Repeat

My love, my love that I want to forget, my love that I want to remember
I don't know - I don't like it, I really don't like love anymore

I don't like this love that I can't have but I can't throw away
I don't like love anymore

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#kalau malas nk buka link,nak download, dengar je..aku letak kat blog nie.. hehehee.. Rooftop Prince jadi lebih sempurna dengan suara Junsu.. oh, i'm over???  bored? Rooftop Prince again..JYJ again?? who care.. this is my blog..~~!! >__<

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