Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Dulu time news JYJ and Saseng trsebar..
ramai yang hentam kot..cakap macam2..
that's not right..walau apapun tetap fans..kena layan..
tapi.. haters tetap haters..
sehingga trjadi pada artis yang diaorg minat,baru nak kecoh..
tahu kan sekarang apa perasaan Jaechun's Fans masa tu??
that's we called karma~~ >_<

"The Shocking Brutality Of JYJ Yoochun's "Sasaeng" Fans

The Shocking Brutality Of JYJ Yoochun's "Sasaeng" Fans. Sasaeng fans are often described as obsessive fans that follow their idol stars around constantly and who try to dig into every aspect of their lives, even to the obnoxious point of stalking.

On July 10th, a picture of Yoochun's daily life was posted onto an online community board with the caption, "Sasaeng fan of Park Yoochun installs CCTV camera in his parking lot."

In the screenshot picture, one can find Park Yoochun hiding behind walls to check if there are any sasaeng fans before getting the courage to finally walk into his own home.

The sasaeng fan, who installed the CCTV, proudly uploads these screenshots to various online community boards as if it’s a prideful possession.

Park Yoochun shared his feelings about sasaeng fans in an interview with TV Report back in June. (JYJ was under fire after one media leaked videos and audio files of the members using violence against their sasaeng fans.)

"It is really hard to understand them anymore," said Yoochun. "I've tried for years to understand them and accept them as part of the fandom, but I honestly do not believe they are true fans. Sasaeng fans terrorize us with inappropriate behaviors. I know people say this is something I should deal with, but it really isn't easy.

In related news, Super Junior's Kim Heechul gave a stern warning to his sasaeng fans on his Twitter, before terminating his account on July 9th."

Credits: Billboard Korea

korang kalau kena hidup macam ni?? baru sikit nie.. setakat pasanga CCTV kat parking.. xmasuk dalam rumah,bila air.. ceroboh hp,rumah family dorang.... >_<

p/s-  aku bukanlah fans yang overprotected..no!! stalk/ambl gmbr d tmpat awam yang scara kebetulan kita jumpa/diberi jadual y dorang ada kat c2, bagi aku(mcm kat mall,street,airport,rakaman filem/cf) rasanya xde hal..but..plz give them space to walk..to enjoy..and tolong jangan pergi cari smpai ke tmpat y xsepatutnya/ yang merbahaya(follow diaorg dgn cabs start dorang kuar rumah smpai balik..u know right?? dorang accident dulu,their driver died on the spot because of that sasengss yang ikut by cabs(more than one cab)they'r human too..like us.. need rest..need privacy~~

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