Saturday, April 23, 2011


hye.... this is special entry  4 cassiopeia..
u dont know??what is cassiopeia? stand 4 what? how?
just leave my blog..or dont read this entry.. ;-) english is bad..never write entry in english..
 but..because of cassiopeia are around da need to write in english..
if u dont understand..just pretend to understand k..hehe.. n dont mind my grammer..
really2 bad lo..hehe...

to cassiopeia around da world..
i wish to all of u hepy besday...
we never see each other..never in verbal communicate..
but..we communicate by our heart..mind n soul..
i love u guys.. 
we never lost the trust n love to them..
keep praying n hope..
support whatever happend...
i think..i really2 lucky come in to this fandom..
we know what the friendship is..
we can laugh together even never meet..
we have same dream..hope..
whatever they say i dont care..
just cassiopeia understand cassiopeia..
if u, people in outside not really understand..plz..
plz..i beg u..just shut up..
we know what we do..
cassiopeia give me more laughter..
we r family..forever..


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